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Our Manufacturers

At H&H Representatives we want our customers and manufacturers to feel like they can reach us when they need us. Both of our offices are fully staffed so phone calls get answered and emails get returned. Feel free to call either office or reach out to a specific person via email.

You can find all of our individual email addresses on our About tab.


Learn More About Our Manufacturers

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B-Line Systems
Tel: 618-654-2184
Fax: 618-654-2184
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Centoco Manufacturing Corp.
Tel: 800-265-3666
Fax: 800-265-3666
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Tel: 630-574-8484
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Fortis Faucets
Tel: 877-55-FORTIS or 877-553-6784
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Green Turtle
Tel: 704-295-1733
Fax: 704-295-1733
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Just Manufacturing
Tel: 847-678-5151
Fax: 847-678-6817
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LaToscana by Paini
Tel: 856-881-7890
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Leonard Valve
Tel: 401-461-1200
Fax: 401-941-5310
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Zurn Industries, LLC
Tel: 814-898-1731
Fax: 814-898-2573