About Us
H & H Representatives, Inc. was chartered on February 1, 1983 and began actual operations the same day. The agency was formed when the Jay R. Smith Manufacturing Company awarded a representation contract with H & H Representatives. H & H Representatives, Inc. operates and maintains two offices and two warehouses.

The main office is in Charlotte, North Carolina and the second office is in Raleigh, North Carolina. The main office is fully equipped and staffed to handle formal quotations, telephone quotations, job submittals and warehouse transmittals.
The 13,000 square foot warehouse facility is fully equipped with modern storage units including pallet racks and the necessary material handling equipment including a forklift truck. The warehouse is managed by an experienced employee. Both the office and the warehouse are located at 1708 University Commercial Place, Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Raleigh office and warehouse is 8,000 square feet set up on the same basis as Charlotte. Again, up-to-date material handling equipment provides for smooth efficient product flow. Our office in Raleigh is located at 3720 Conquest Drive, Garner, North Carolina.